SureTone !

hey Shwayze fans !
to make sure you dont miss anything about the guys [shwayze && Cisco]
you can also check out www.suretone.com for the latest && Greatest in SHWAYZE news !
there you can purchase SHWAYZE merchandise ! have a great Weekend !



Jimmy Fallon

hey guys, its us here at ATS, sorry for the lack of posts,
things are getting pretty hectic here !
hope everyone is enjoying Let It Beat !
here is the link to the Shwayze performance on Jimmy Fallon, enjoy ! 8]



Hope everyone bought the LET IT BEAT album!
ATS is doing a poll on what the fans favorite songs are on the album!
Let us know your favorite LET IT BEAT song !


for the fans !

Cisco && Shwayze are always for the fans,
&& they wanted to thank ALL of you for being soo great.
thank you for always supporting && showing love !
this video is short, but sweet, 8]


Party Rock Tour: Los Angeles !

Free show N' Signing at the Highland Center,
in Hollywood, CA.

[Party Rock Tour]:
The Hollywood Palladium:

&& of course DJ Skeet'Skeet !
we will always support !
hes been down with Shwayze since Day1 !
[skeet skeet at the Hollywod Palladium]


'All A Dream'

unrelased shwayze track,
featuring his cousin, Chris Young.
im sure all of you fans have heard this already !
but for those of you who havent ATS has blessed you with it here, 8]